Moral Story in English for Kids | The Selfish Giant

Here is a blog post with a moral story for kids:

Once upon a time, in a beautiful garden, there lived a giant. The giant was very selfish and did not like to share his garden with anyone. He had a big wall around the garden and did not allow any children to play in it.

One day, the giant was away from home and the spring season arrived. The sun began to shine and the flowers started to bloom. The birds sang sweet songs and the bees gathered nectar from the flowers. The children, who were not allowed to enter the garden, saw all this from outside the wall and wished to play in the garden.

The giant returned and saw that his garden was full of children playing and having fun. He got very angry and chased all the children out of the garden. He built an even taller wall around the garden to keep the children out.

But without the children, the garden lost its charm. The flowers stopped blooming and the birds stopped singing. The giant realized that he had made a mistake and was very sad.

One day, a little boy came to the giant and asked him if he could come into the garden to pick a flower. The giant felt sorry for the little boy and let him in. The boy picked a beautiful flower and gave it to the giant.

The giant felt happy and realized that it was not the garden, but the children that made it beautiful. He tore down the wall and allowed all the children to come and play in the garden. From then on, the garden was full of joy and happiness.

The moral of this story is that selfishness can bring unhappiness, but kindness and generosity can bring joy and happiness.

I hope you enjoyed this moral story for kids. Remember, always be kind and generous to others!

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